Ravines Argetsinger Vineyard Dry Riesling 2010


I get a kick out of finding great wine from lesser known regions and producers. The Ravines dry Riesling from their single vineyard, Argetsinger, is just such a wine that comes from just such a place.  As an added bonus, it’s basically a “hometown hero” since it is made only a few hours away from where I live in Brooklyn, NY.


In New York the Finger Lakes region continually builds on its reputation for surprisingly delicious wine, especially in regards to Riesling.  To those unfamiliar with the region it is located in the northwestern part of New York state with most of the grape growing areas collecting around a series of long, skinny (finger-shaped) lakes that run from north to south.  These lakes, formed long ago by glaciers, are important because they moderate the extreme temperatures of northern New York’s cold winters and provide a better climate for nearby grapes to grow and ripen properly.  The Ravines winery is located at the north end of the deepest of these lakes, Seneca Lake (632 feet deep).

The Argestinger vineyard has old Riesling vines that are planted on gravel with a unique subsoil containing limestone.  These two factors (older vines and limestone soil) were important for the inspiration to make Argetsinger a single wine.  The 2010 was a particularly balanced and tasty edition of this wine.  Today it’s lean, vibrant and energetic with flavors of lemon zest, wet stones, and a dry, mouth-watering finish that makes it perfect with oysters.  It’s a wine that successfully combines the freshness of Muscadet with the texture and subtle citrus flavors of dry Riesling – delicious!

We currently have it on our wine list at Hotel Delmano (to check out a current edition of our wine list visit our website at www.hoteldelmano.com/menus).


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